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Ep. 251 "Tulsi Gabbard rebukes WEForum, Endgame 1.5 from Infowars (30min), Twitter"

Ep. 251 "Tulsi Gabbard rebukes WEForum, Endgame 1.5 from Infowars (30min), Twitter"

Can we trust Tulsi Gabbard? The evidence leaves more questions than answers.

This episode left some unanswered questions, and so in this Substack article plus the related article on my blog (link below) you will get the full investigative report.

We’re attempting to answer the question as to whether we can trust Tulsi Gabbard.

In this episode, we’re also watching the first 30 minutes of the Infowars Documentary “Endgame” and doing a brief review of the Twitter Files, plus announcing the breaking news (at the time) of Roger Stone’s reinstatement to Twitter.

The main story is Tulsi Gabbard and her rebuke of the World Economic Forum and their New World Order agenda.

Tulsi Gabbard was on Dr Drew’s podcast “Ask Dr Drew” the other day, and he asked Tulsi point blank about her association with the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program.

Tulsi made an abject denial of any involvement with WEForum’s Young Global Leaders program, and went on to make what sounded like a fairly convincing statement rebuking Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, and their New World Order agenda.

Gabbard went on to say she never attended any Young Global Leaders events, has never had any association with World Economic Forum, and in fact did not even know that they had used her picture on their website naming her as a Young Global Leader.

Fair enough, right?

“Welp” as they say. Maybe there’s more to the story…

During the show, one of our viewers (thank you, Lisa) from the live chat fam sent me a link to a video on Odysee that purported to show a 2015 tweet from Tulsi Gabbard to the WEF, stating she was honored to be chosen as a Young Global Leader.

If this were true, it would seem to contradict Tulsi Gabbard’s claims of having nothing to do with World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program.

As I was feeling low energy yesterday while livestreaming this episode due to my recent diabetes diagnosis, I did not attempt to verify the tweet during the livestream.

After the show, I did some advanced Twitter searching, and now I can say with absolute confidence that the 2015 tweet from Tulsi Gabbard to World Economic Forum acknowledging her association with the Young Global Leaders program is indeed authentic.

I posted screenshots of Tulsi Gabbard’s tweet and the link to the advanced Twitter search on the Evan Talks Blog (for clarification, this here is the Evan Talks Substack).

You can read my detailed investigative report, see the screenshots, and watch the video of this episode at the link below.

It’s worth reading the blog article while you’re listening to the podcast, as it adds to the content of the show with up-to-date information discovered after the show.

Tap the following link and go there now to get the whole scoop.



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