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Ep. 173 "Health and Spike Protein Protection Protocols BOOTCAMP"

Ep. 173 "Health and Spike Protein Protection Protocols BOOTCAMP"

Part 3 of my Bootcamp Series on Spike Proteins and General Health Protocols

This post is a companion piece to two previous posts:

Ep. 058 “Spike Protein BOOTCAMP, How to PROTECT from Damage from the Bioweapon”


Ep. 077 "Covid Vaccine BOOTCAMP, What You NEED TO KNOW"

And now for this third post in the series…

Let’s go through many of the nutritional supplements that I take daily for general health…

…as well as for protection against the Covid and Vax spike proteins.

This includes anti-clotting protocols to protect from micro-clots and blood coagulation.

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Read on for more details and information.

None of this should be considered medical advice. I am not a doctor and I’m not practicing medicine. I am sharing information gathered from resources I trust for myself. I encourage you to do your own research and make your own medical decisions for yourself, in coordination with your doctors, your family, and other trusted medical care providers, if any.

That said…

Here is a website to visit where a lot of my information for this episode comes from. You can download a “quick guide” reference sheet from this site and learn more about alternative health protocols recommended by independent doctors.


Preventing Spike Proteins From Binding To ACE2 Receptors

I left out one important natural remedy that is discussed on the DRXMD site (link above), but I did not cover this in the video:

CUMIN BLACK SEED (organic seeds, you can buy them by the pound on Amazon or at your local market).

  • You can also use Cumin Black Seed Oil instead of the raw seeds.

  • Take with Honey (about a teaspoon or half-tablespoon).

  • If you’re taking the raw seeds, grind them with a mortar and pestle or herb grinder first, before you put them on a spoon with the honey.

  • You can also chew the seeds with honey if you don’t have a grinder.

    • ( You’re basically grinding them with your teeth in that case. )

Do this a couple times each week if NOT injected, and DAILY IF INJECTED.


This is a powerful natural protection that apparently stops the spike proteins from binding to ACE2 receptors.

Again, I’m not giving medical advice here (OK FDA? Go away now, Fed boys).

If you can prevent the binding of the spike proteins, that’s half the battle. 

The other half is your blood flow.

If your blood coagulates and you get mini clots, like is being found in the blood of all the injected, then what happens is you can get heart attacks and strokes without warning because blood flow is blocked and your brain and heart tissue will start to die from lack of oxygen. 

If you are injected: consider taking a low dose aspirin 81mg daily for the rest of your life. If you go this route, don’t skip a day.

The late, great Dr Zelenko recommended daily NAC-600 to prevent blood clots.

Some say this is better than daily low dose aspirin because aspirin can have some side effects.

Personally, I do not take low dose aspirin at this time, but I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and I am now on massive doses of prescription grade fish oil.

And of course, as for me, I am not injected.

Whether you’re injected or not: Take high quality fish oil omega 3’s daily to help your blood stay thin and flowing.

Look for high concentrations of EPA and DHA in your fish oil. Go for non-GMO products.

If you’re injected and you’re on fish oil and low dose aspirin and/or NAC-600 every day, you should be fine in terms of preventing blood clots, as long as you’re also taking the spike protein protections in the video.

Again, this is not medical advice but it’s the best available information I’ve been able to gather from sources that I trust more than I trust the government or the so called health authorities.

Exclusive bonus for my Substack Readers

In this video episode, I even share a natural medically proven remedy for smallpox that is written up in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

In case these demons who are waging bio-terror on the world decide to release smallpox someday, we may as well all be prepared.

People who were on my email list when this episode was first published on 2/4/2022 got links to the British Medical Journal article about the smallpox remedy, and a search results page on ebay to help find some of this natural remedy for smallpox (mine came from India).

Exclusively for my Substack readers, here are those link for you now:

BMJ Article “Treatment of Small-Pox by Sarracenia Purpurea”


Sample Listing on Ebay for Sarracenia Purpurea the “purple pitcher plant extract” that cures smallpox:


The above link is for informational purposes only. I have no relationship financial or otherwise with the above vendor, nor can I vouch for the quality of the products or if they even work. I only know what I read in the BMJ article above. None of this is medical advice and I am not practicing medicine by sharing this information.

This episode, “Ep. 173 - Health and Spike Protein Protection Protocols” was originally live-streamed on 2/4/2022.

You can watch the video of this episode on my blog at https://evantalks.com/ep-173-health-and-spike-protein-protection-protocols-bootcamp/

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