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Ep. 077 "Covid Vaccine BOOTCAMP, What You NEED TO KNOW"

Ep. 077 "Covid Vaccine BOOTCAMP, What You NEED TO KNOW"

More VERBOTEN info on spike proteins and damage caused by the death jabs

Spike Proteins and Antibody Dependent Enhancement

This post is a companion piece to Ep. 058 “Spike Protein BOOTCAMP, How to PROTECT from Damage from the Bioweapon”.

With all the censorship of medical information from 2020 until most recently, there are still millions of people who do not have adequate knowledge about what is in these shots and why they should never have taken them.

Many others resisted the death jabs but are still under pressure to comply.

There is still relentless pressure from the Biden regime, and the pharma-media cartel who are running a full scale psyop on the public about the mRNA vaccines being safe and effective, and necessary (they’re in fact deadly and should be banned).

This episode is a crash course BOOTCAMP on what is in the covid vaccines.

More about spike proteins, and what vaccinating large numbers of people across the globe will do to the human population.

(Hint: it’s not good.)

Note: Being that this post is going up 14 months after the original livestream, and we have more information now about people “dying suddenly” and strange blood clots being pulled out of the bodies of living and dead vaccinated people, and what funeral directors are reporting to be a 40% increase in deaths from all causes, and mass media gaslighting the public that children all of a sudden get myocarditis, we can now confidently state that all the information presented in this episode turned out to be correct. Just another set of conspiracy theories proved true with time.

The information in this episode and related episodes is critical to watch and share with everyone you care about.

This episode was originally livestreamed on 9/17/2021.

You can watch the video of this episode and see the timestamp directory to this episode on my blog. Tap the image above or the link below to get there.


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