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Ep. 261 "The FINAL Episode – Bitcoin Basics Course Begins on Monday 3/6"

Ep. 261 "The FINAL Episode – Bitcoin Basics Course Begins on Monday 3/6"

Join me as we transition from reporting on problems to preparing solutions.

This is the final episode of The Evan J Livestream.

Future videos will be posted as “Evan Talks” videos.

I will continue posting articles to Substack and videos to my blog. This is just the final episode of this particular format The Real Evan J Livestream.

In this episode, I announce the end of the run for this livestream and talk about what’s coming next.

This article is cross-posted to my blog along with the video of this episode.

Tap the above image to watch the video, or listen to the podcast and keep reading:

My new course Bitcoin Basics launches on Monday.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • CBDCs are coming and they will ultimately replace cash and credit cards with “social credit” in the form of digital money tokens called “digital dollars” or something similar

  • In short that means slavery for all humanity. Nothing we do will be private and our purchases can be blocked.

  • I discuss this in great detail in my book “Demystifying Crypto”

  • This course “Bitcoin Basics” is free if you register this weekend before Monday (link is below)

  • On Monday when the course goes live, the price goes up to $49

  • This is a 5-day course with a bonus 6th day Q&A call on Saturday

  • By the end you’ll have proficiency in basic bitcoin operations

  • You will be setting up several different cryptocurrency accounts and learning how to use them

  • You do not need any prior experience for this.

This Bitcoin Basics course is an intensive for people who don’t know anything about crypto yet and are ready to get started preserving freedom.

If you want to know the most basics about how to use bitcoin and how to get started with crypto, this 5-day course will take you there.

And you’ll be confident with your crypto basics skill set by the end of the weekend.

Just in case you have any questions after going through the 5-day course, we’re going to have a live zoom call on Saturday.

In the live Q&A call, you can ask me anything if you get stuck or need help.

And we can talk about what comes next too.

To claim my free offer, get registered now before the course launches on Monday.

Once the course launches on Monday, the price goes up to $49.

Here’s the link to register for Evan J’s Bitcoin Basics Course:


Once you register, you’ll get an email with some information and then on Monday you’ll start receiving your course materials by email each day.


Q: What if I’m seeing this post and it’s already after the launch date of 3/6/23?

A: Not to worry! Once the course goes live it will be available on demand and you can signup and start at any time.

Q: What about the live Q&A call on Saturday 3/11/23? Won’t I miss that?

A: Once the course launches, I will be holding live Q&A calls once or twice each month for new students.

Q: How will I know about the scheduling for upcoming Q&A calls?

A: As long as you’re registered for the course and you’re subscribed to my emails, you will receive all my notifications of upcoming events including live Q&A calls.

Q: How are the course materials delivered?

A: Each day for 5 days, you will receive an email with that day’s lesson. You’ll read the email and follow the instructions to complete that day’s lesson. It’s very simple.

Q: Is there any hands-on instruction from you?

A: The entire course will feel like “hands-on” training because I wrote the course for you in a conversational style, and when you read the email lessons you will feel like I am right there talking to you. Then on Saturday during the live Q&A call, we will be together on Zoom video call and you can ask me anything.

Q: What if I miss the live Q&A call?

A: The Q&A call will be recorded and available to you for a short time after the live call. You’ll have about a week to watch the recording before it gets deleted.

Q: Do I need to have read your book “Demystifying Crypto” before doing your Bitcoin Basics course?

A: This isn’t required reading but if you read the book you will be in the most excellent position to get the most out of Bitcoin Basics and future trainings.

Q: If I miss the free offer is there any way I can claim a free offer for the course?

A: Once the course price goes up to $49 the course will still be offered free to you if you bought my book “Demystifying Crypto.” The registration process will take a bit longer but you can send a copy of your book purchase receipt to get Bitcoin Basics for free.

Q: Where can I get your book?

A: Demystifying Crypto is available on Amazon. You can get it at this link: https://amzn.to/41G7WdR

Q: Can I have the link again to register for Bitcoin Basics?

A: Sure! Register for Evan J’s Bitcoin Basics at https://evantalks.com/programs


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