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Ep. 260 “Chemical Bomb in Ohio, How Libs Are Destroying America from Within”

Ep. 260 “Chemical Bomb in Ohio, How Libs Are Destroying America from Within”

18 video clips featured in this episode plus coverage of the chemical attack on East Palestine, Ohio

This article is cross-posted to my blog along with the video of this episode.

Tap the image below to watch the video version of this episode.

See timestamp directory below for info on the 18 videos featured:

00:00:00 Opening song “The Great Awakening part 1”

00:02:00 Welcome message 

00:05:30 Video – “Predictive Programming and the Ohio Train Wreck” – Greg Reese reporting on the chemical attack resulting from burning toxic chemicals spilled during the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio

00:11:45 Videos – Crazy Liberals Screaming about “trans pronouns” and abortion

00:15:45 Feature report on the train derailment and toxic chemical dioxins poisoning the entire region in Ohio where the derailment happened.

00:35:00 Video “How to Beat the BEAST System” 

00:40:30 Video “12 Year Old Girl DESTROYS 15-minute Cities and tells Klaus Schwab HOW DARE YOU”

00:45:00 Video “It’s a race, this is the war. Either we win and stay free, or we lose and become slaves for the rest of humanity.”

00:48:30 Video in 1958 Robert Welch warned of America being infiltrated from within and how they were planning to destroy America from within

00:53:30 Video – Black woman tells white women, “Your whiteness is the heaviest thing about you”

00:55:30 Cuteness Break: Cute Animal Videos

00:55:35 Video – Goat getting high at the BBQ

00:56:45 Video – Puppy gets head caught in a car wheel, saved

00:58:20 Video – Baby cow tasting the falling snow

00:59:40 Video – Liberal screaming about trans pronouns (again, lol)

01:00:45 Video – Mr Rogers “Boys and Girls”

01:03:00 Video – Elon Musk on Critical Thinking

01:07:30 Video – Ukrainian Nazis doing Nazi salutes before firing weapons

01:08:45 Video – Ukraine sending young girls into combat to be slaughtered 

01:11:11 Video – “I’m not saying the Earth is flat, but…”

01:15:45 Video – fake space videos from NASA and China 

01:20:30 Closing Song “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart” 


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