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Ep. 259 "Elon Musk at WEF's World Government Summit, Is the Earth Flat"

Ep. 259 "Elon Musk at WEF's World Government Summit, Is the Earth Flat"

In this mind bending episode we also explore the dystopian “15-minute cities” project and reveal the truth about the potential implications of central bank digital currencies.

This article is cross-posted to my blog along with the video version of this episode.

The World Economic Forum held yet another one of it’s climate narrative destroying “Summits” last week, where elites flew in from all over the world in private jets, burning more fuel per plane per hour than the average person burns in a whole year.

Inside the World Government Summit, we hear from visionary “Mr Tweet” Elon Musk about his vision for the future as well as his concerns.

He warns against the WEF’s “one world government” vision and says it would be civilization ending.

We also hear from Klaus Schwab (“Heir Schwab” as his Nazi friends call him) as he shares his dystopian vision for the future.

Schwab declares that “who controls the technology of the future will be the Master of the Universe!” (okay what he actually said was “Master of the World”).

Either way, we can agree that’s a big “Yikes” right?

-i mean the guy is the template for james bond villains and the comedic dr. evil

Elon Musk also talks about his plans for the “X system” (working title) which he describes as the “app for everything” and that Twitter is a precursor to this new thing he wants everyone to use.

My commentary on this is that while I think it’s a good thing Elon is presenting options and alternatives to the New World Order, the idea that everyone will use a singular portal or app or piece of tech to run their entire lives is something I see as a precursor to Mark of the Beast.

Mark of the Beast comes from the Book of Revelation in the Bible and it refers to a time when nobody will be allowed to buy, sell or trade unless they have the mark (a tattoo, chip, implant?)

For the full exposition on what Mark of the Beast means from the biblical perspective and how it connects to technology, finance and personal freedoms if the globalists get to implement their great reset, read my book “Demystifying Crypto: Central Bank Digital Currency, the Great Reset and the War to Enslave Humanity…”

There’s close to twenty videos featured in this episode.

Other topics covered include 15-minute cities, the fake alien invasion and the UFO psyop being rolled out by the government and the media, and how nobody’s buying it.

And finally today, a little dive into some flat earth videos and memes worth looking at.

My interest in exploring flat earth theory and questioning round earth theory (also called globe theory) is made clear in this episode.

Here is the timestamp directory to this episode.

You can access the audio podcast version on my Substack (link is below).

Read the timestamp directory descriptions of each segment for an in depth look at what’s in this episode.

“Elon Musk at WEF’s World Government Summit, Is the Earth Flat – Ep. 259”

00:00:01 Opening song “The Great Awakening, pt 1”

00:02:15 Greetings and What’s Up Today

00:06:00 What are 15-minute cities?

00:08:00 Report from citizen journalist in Australia(?) showing how citizens are tracked and traced every move they make in the 15-minute city and how this is the globalist’s vision for the world if we don’t wake up and stop them

00:10:00 Central Bank Digital Currency and the 15-minute cities

00:12:45 Introduction to the main content

00:13:25 Elon Musk at World Government Summit (Video 1 of 3) – Warns about becoming too much of a single world government. He calls it a civilizational risk to have too much cooperation between governments

00:15:30 Elon Musk video 2 of 3 – He is asked to how governments can use social media better to service citizens. He advises them to communicate a lot and to speak in their authentic voices (not pre-scripted propaganda)

00:19:30 Elon Musk video 3 of 3 – He discusses his vision for “the X system” which he says Twitter is a precursor to. X will be everything. My commentary follows on why I don’t think this is necessarily a good thing.

00:24:40 Klaus Schwab at World Government Summit: “Whoever controls the technology of the future will be the Master of the World.”

00:27:00 Fun videos including:

  • the guy leaping off the mountain with 2 axes

  • the secret egg lingo farmer guy

  • kids learning about vaccines in school 

00:35:00 Greg Reese Report – Fake Alien Invasion psyop is here

00:50:00 Flat Earth Videos and Memes

  • The ISS

  • NASA Satellites and Balloons

  • Admiral Byrd’s recorded statements about undiscovered lands beyond Antarctica

  • Captain Robert Scott’s photos of his expedition of Antarctica

  • What airplane pilots say about the Earth 

  • Buzz Aldrin saying we never went to the moon

  • The moon viewed from different places on Earth

  • 1965 scientist talking about the moon and outer space

01:12:45 Flat Earth short film clips

  • Gravity vs Density

  • Flying and Earth Curvature

  • Hitler having a meltdown over the flat earth awakening (hilarious!)

01:27:00 Closing Song “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart”


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