Feb 11 • 1HR 43M

Ep. 258 "Eliza Bleu, Cognitive Security, Talking with AI ChatGPT"

Who is Eliza Bleu and why is everybody on Twitter mad at her? What is cognitive security and why is it important? What is ChatGPT and is it a Left Wing Psyop?

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Who is Eliza Bleu and why is everybody on Twitter mad at her?

The self-professed human trafficking survivor may be running up to the end of her proverbial 15 minutes of fame, and into the infamy of being exposed as perhaps an advocate of adult child sex.

Two video clips are featured in this episode and you can watch and decide for yourself.

This article is cross-posted to my blog.

What is cognitive security and why is it important?

The GAO (Government Accountability Office) released a report announcing their present and future focus of their censorship efforts, including official definitions and symbols for their three made-up classifications:

  • Mis-information

  • Dis-information

  • Mal-information

Now they define these terms in specific ways and you can find out more when you watch or listen to the show.

Basically, when you or I want to share truthful information that might make agents or agencies of the government look bad or exposes their crimes, they will accuse us of lying and apply one of those classifications in order to censor us and even criminally prosecute us for our speech.

What is ChatGPT and is it a Left Wing Psyop?

ChatGPT is the Artificial Intelligence you can talk to and interact with conversationally.

It’s quite a powerful AI and you’d be surprised what you can do with it.

ChatGPT can write scripts or ad copy for you. It can write essays, blog posts, social media posts, even mathematical problems and computer coding.

But recently ChatGPT was exposed for having secret left wing political biases.

In this episode we ask ChatGPT many questions and some of the answers are surprising.

Here is the timestamp directory to this episode with some details about each segment.

Timestamp Directory:

00:00:01 Opening song “The Great Awakening, pt 1”

00:02:30 Welcome to the show / Greetings

00:05:00 Introduction to Cognitive Security and the AI called ChatGPT

00:11:00 Article – Cognitive Security and the Three Dimensions of the Information Environment. The GAO Report into “Mis-information”, “Dis-information”, and “Mal-information”

00:23:30 WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? This is the part to listen to if you’re short on time.

00:24:30 Introduction to 2 Twitter/Substack threads exposing how ChatGPT has left-leaning political biases.

00:27:00 Tweet from Ian Miles Cheong about how ChatGPT will not write any positive essays about white people but will write effusively about black people.

00:31:45 Tweet from David Rozado about the tests he ran using a bunch of different online tests for political leanings, to determine that ChatGPT is absolutely skewed far to the left in the way it is programmed to process information.

00:38:30 Conversations with ChatGPT- I open up ChatGPT myself and ask questions provided by the chat fam. Qs include asking ChatGPT to:

  • write a 2nd verse to my opening rap song about the covid scam and government corruption

  • write articles about President Trump and President Obama and which one is the greatest US President

  • how to return power to the people when the government is corrupt and illegitimate

  • how to stop tyrannical governments 

  • how astronauts are able to navigate through the van allen radiation belts

  • why is Buzz Aldrin on video talking about how we never went to the moon

  • and more!

00:53:00 Video of Buzz Aldrin saying we never went to the moon

00:58:30 Video by conservative transgender woman Blaire White covering the Eliza Bleu “human trafficking” story

01:12:00 My continued coverage of the Eliza Blue “human trafficking” story

01:16:00 Video 1 of 2 of Eliza Bleu discussing her opinions about children having sex with adults

01:17:15 Video 2 of 2 of Eliza Bleu discussing her “utopia” where adults can have sex with children

01:20:00 I ask ChatGPT what the AI thinks about children having sex with adults and almost get booted off the platform. Turns out even the left leaning ChatGPT is not into pedophilia, so that’s kind of the surprising good news

01:24:30 I ask ChatGPT about Informed Consent when it comes to vaccines (experimental drugs) where the manufacturer does not provide all the information to the public about what’s in the products. The AI’s answer may surprise you!

01:27:57 I ask ChatGPT about cognitive security

01:31:30 Closing commentary

01:35:50 Info about my Substack at evantalks.substack.com

01:38:15 Closing song “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart”

This article is cross-posted to my blog.