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Ep. 256 "Gay Pedos ARRESTED and Covid Narrative CRUMBLING, The Needle Is Moving"
Ep. 256 "Gay Pedos ARRESTED and Covid Narrative CRUMBLING, The Needle Is Moving"
The people are awakening to the evil that is all around us.

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The false narratives are crumbling.

Propaganda can not survive in the face of truth. The people are awakening to the evil all around us. 

In this episode we’re looking at two of the biggest mainstream narratives that are crumbling as more and more people awaken to the truth that there is radical social deconstruction underway.

We see it in the sexualization of children by school teachers, and how pedophiles are being protected by school boards while parents are being demonized in the press when they stand up to protect their kids from sexual abuse at the hands of authority figures.

We see it in the proliferation of pedophilia under the #LGBTQ banner.

But this attack on America’s children hit a bump in the road when a gay couple was arrested for running a gay pedophile ring in one of America’s wealthy suburbs.

Gay Pedophile Rapists Running Suburban Child Sex Ring Exposed

This is a shocking case of child rape and prostitution, particularly because the perpetrators in this case are the adoptive gay parents of two young boys, aged 9 and 10 at the time of the sexual abuse.

Turns out the parents were repeatedly raping their adoptive sons, forcing the young boys to perform sex acts on the parents and other men in the neighborhood.

It’s getting more difficult for the public to deny this is happening and to hide under the banner of gay rights or trans acceptance.

Since when does anyone have the right to rape children and pimp them out to other pedophiles?

The answer is never. We go in depth into the report by Townhall.com on these gay pedophile rapists and their underage suburban sex ring.

Covid Narrative Crumbles as Vaccine Injuries and #DiedSuddenly Trends on Social Media

Also in this episode we’re looking at the crumbling of the false Covid narratives and vaccine propaganda.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams released a heart-felt emotional video declaring he “got it wrong” and “ended up in the wrong place” in terms of deciding to get the death jabs, and that “anti-vaxxers were right” and “those who didn’t trust the shots ended up on the right side” and now “have the advantage” of natural immunity as well as not being afraid of long term damage from the Covid vaccines.

Timestamp Directory

00:00:00 Opening Song “The Great Awakening, pt 1”

00:02:30 Welcome to the Show / Opening comments

00:07:00 Scott Adams, creator of “Dilbert” video: The anti vaxxers got it right, and he got it wrong. His mea culpa.

00:10:00 Comments on Scott Adams video and how censorship of truth tellers in 2020-2022 led to many people dying unnecessarily

00:18:00 WEF video: “The USA will soon have criminal hate speech laws and the end to free speech in America”

00:19:00 The needle is moving, people are waking up to the grooming of kids, and the fake vaccines.

00:20:00 Video: Woke teachers brag about indoctrinating 4 and 5 year olds with gender identity propaganda

00:33:00 Feature article from Townhall about the gay couple arrested for brutally raping their 9 and 10 year old adopted sons and pimping them out to other pedophiles. “Tapes: We Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring. Here’s What We Found”

In depth coverage of the featured article.

01:25:40 Death jabs coverage begins with “Mike and Joe” on MSDNC talking about how sick Joe Scarborough got after his 3rd booster (“you were down for months” Mika says repeatedly) yet he laments for not taking his 4th booster. “The propaganda is strong in this one!”

01:31:00 My personal story about getting really sick after taking the flu shots 2 years in a row, and why I stopped “believing tha scienth!” about vaccines being safe and effective

01:35:00 What to expect from the WEF, WHO, CDC, and New World Order with respect to upcoming attacks on humanity and agenda to push more death jabs

01:38:00 Article, “Bombshell Report: Spike Proteins Invade All Major Organs, Induce Hyperaccelerated Cellular Aging Prompting Shorter Lifespan” by Adan Salazar

01:40:00 How the needle is moving and how each person is a nexus point for collecting and sharing information that can help others and keep moving the needle

01:42:00 Article from Rebel News, “EU begins adding bug additives to food” (gross!)

01:45:00 Video, Owen Shroyer announcing Bidens chief of staff Ron Klain stepping down and how this signals the beginning of the end for fake President Biden’s political career.

01:47:00 Same Video: Klain is being replaced by Jeff Zients, the “winter of death” guy. We look back at his gaslighting and death jabs propaganda.

01:48:00 Shroyer then talks about a type of parasite that can burrow into the brain of a dead body host and re animate it. We see a “zombie” dead cockroach walking.

01:51:30 Video: Maria Zee announcing what the WEF plans with the WHO in their new “pandemic response treaty” which will roll out first in Australia and give UN/WHO total control over mandatory death jabs in all member countries.

01:53:00 Why we have to keep a close eye on what’s going on in Australia if we value our freedoms in America

01:55:30 The good news and the bad news

01:56:00 Video- Greg Reese Report “How the World Bank and IMF Plan To Steal Your Money”

02:01:00 Announcements - My book Demystifying Crypto and getting prepared for the crash of the fiat money system

02:05:00 How to get on the waitlist for my upcoming free course “Bitcoin Basics”

02:09:00 Closing Song “Trust in the Lord With All Of Your Heart”

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