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Ep. 255 "What’s Going Down at Davos WEF 2023"

Ep. 255 "What’s Going Down at Davos WEF 2023"

The WEF elite criminals are meeting in Davos and announcing their plans for total world domination.

This article is cross-posted to my blog along with the video version of this episode.

The globalists at the WEF are in Davos bragging about their plans to take over the world via the controlled collapse of the current national and global infrastructure and the implementation of The Great Reset.

They want total control.

Even as they flew into Davos with over one thousand (1,000+) private jets, the Davos elites are hell-bent on telling the rest of the world that we are not allowed to travel without severe restrictions on our carbon emissions.

Of course the inconvenient truth is that private jets emit more carbon dioxide in one hour than most people emit in a whole year flying commercial and driving gas powered cars.

None of this matters to the global elites. To call them hypocrites would be an understatement.

It is the theatre of the absurd with these people.


Read the timestamp directory below for a closer look at what we’re covering in this episode, Ep. 255 “What’s Going Down at Davos WEF 2023”

There are 18+ video clips from Davos featured in this episode.

Timestamp Directory:

00:00:00 Opening song – The Great Awakening, pt 1

00:02:00 Preamble

00:03:00 What’s up in this episode: Davos, the World Economic Forum

00:05:00 Greetings and announcements and a quick shout out to God

00:06:00 Why are the WEF and Davos elite reported to be into Satanism and the Depopulation agenda?

00:08:00 The technology transfer theory

00:10:00 Substack, my blog, Twitter

00:14:00 Davos coverage begins

00:15:15 John Kerry “It’s almost extraterrestrial”

00:24:30 Al Gore “We’re losing!”

00:30:50 Secretary General of the United Nations “We must make decisions for people to force them to do things they don’t want to do, and then control their opinions.”

00:33:45 Some woman elitist: “What are you going to do with your privilege?”

00:37:30  Ms Jourova from the EU governance board: “We have criminalized hate speech in the EU and we know you are about to have similar laws in the USA”

00:39:00 Brian Stelter on misinformation (irony is lost on these people)

00:43:45 Ms Williams lying: “We know the covid vax prevents transmission and stops infection.” What a disgusting pigfaced liar and that’s an insult to pigs.

00:45:10 Rebel News Avi Yemini on the street interview with head of Astrazeneca who refused to answer any questions 

00:49:00 Mr Jurgens: “We can expect a major global catastrophic cyber pandemic within the next 2 years”

00:51:35 “Global extinction is coming”

00:53:00 Propaganda about giving up meat eating

01:00:00 Fake Greta Thunberg arrest

01:02:30 Klaus Schwab “What does it need to master the future?”

01:05:40 To all the people with Ukraine flags on their profiles

01:06:00 Klaus Schwab “We need to fund the Ukrainian Nazis” (he calls it the reconstruction of Ukraine)

01:09:30 Klaus Schwab “The Global Cooperation Village is the pioneering effort to use the Metaverse for the public good”

01:15:00 Klaus Schwab “the constructive people vs the negative confrontational people”

01:19:45 Savanah Hernandez on the street at Davos asking people how they feel about the elites flying in with over 1,000 private jets and telling the rest of us not to fly in airplanes

01:27:20 Greg Reese Report from Infowars, “Natural Law and Occult Knowledge”

01:32:30 Closing Song “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart”

This article is cross-posted to my blog.

Watch the video version of this episode at https://evantalks.com/ep-255-whats-going-down-at-davos-wef-2023/

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