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Ep. 254 "Operation Mockingbird, Fake News, Propaganda and Censorship"

Ep. 254 "Operation Mockingbird, Fake News, Propaganda and Censorship"

How the media coordinates messaging to manipulate public perception

This article is cross-posted to my blog along with the video version of this episode.

How the false narratives are crumbling.

A massive 40% uptick in sudden deaths is being reported by funeral directors, triggering calls to halt the death jabs and investigate big pharma and media for criminal behavior.

The propaganda driven false narratives can not hold up to the light of exposure. The New World Order and the Great Reset depend on censorship and fake news to prop up their false narratives.

Read the timestamp directory below to get a detailed preview of what you’ll find in this episode, Ep. 254. This episode is “chock-full” of mainstream propaganda and propaganda-destroying information they wanted hidden from the public.

Timestamp Directory:

00:00:00 Opening Song “The Great Awakening, pt 1”

00:02:00 Greetings and what’s up on this episode

00:05:00 Housekeeping and announcements 

00:07:00 How the news is scripted and how most so called news anchors are not reporting independently but reading pre prepared scripts and talking points to serve an agenda 

00:08:30 Video clip – Owen Shroyer exposing fake news warnings to “be very careful” about getting information from Twitter

00:11:00 Chat fam 

00:13:45 Video clip from Out of Shadows exposing fake news repeating word for word, “This is extremely dangerous, to our democracy.”

00:18:30 Video compilation of covid vax injuries, “The Needle and the Damage Done”

00:20:55 Video of testimonials from vaccine injured people

00:25:00 On my Substack – 3 part series on Spike Proteins, Covid Vaccines, and Health Protocols to protect from the bioweapons

00:32:10 Video clip of embalmers removing enormous blood clot structures from the bodies of vaccinated people

00:37:00 Video clip of Ralph Baric pitching the next pandemic in 2018 and talking about financial opportunities for people who invest in masks and vaccines

00:40:00 Video clip of Stefan Oelrich a senior executive at Bayer Industries, talking about how Covid was used to scare people into taking mRNA injections and how otherwise 95% of the public would have rejected the death jabs

00:45:30 Video from WEF bragging about how they are “rewriting the code of life” with gene-editing technology and how they plan to “redesign whole organisms”

00:51:00 Video of Ron DeBlasio in NY pimping the death jabs with his free fries and “burger element” offer

00:55:45 Video of Jimmy Fallon selling his soul and singing about the new Covid “scariant” called XBB.1.5

01:00:00 Video flashback of when FDA announced “Mix & Match” for death jab boosters and Late Show with Stephen Colbert pushed out vax propaganda

01:01:55 The best vax propaganda video ever, from “Gladdie B” (seriously you have to see this)

01:06:45 News headlines including ban on gas stoves, more people dying suddenly, pentagon dropping c19 vax mandate for troops

01:15:27 President Trump’s announcement on Twitter Files and his plan to end social media censorship and collusion with FBI

01:24:30 Video of Boston Dynamics robots, different types of robots and what they’re already capable of (scary!)

01:29:45 Testimony and closing song “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart”

Watch the video version of this episode on my blog at https://evantalks.com/ep-254-operation-mockingbird-fake-news-propaganda-and-censorship/

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