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Ep. 006 – Insurrection? What REALLY HAPPENED on J6 at the Capitol

Ep. 006 – Insurrection? What REALLY HAPPENED on J6 at the Capitol

Exclusive video exposes the role of Capitol Police and Paid Provocateurs

In this episode, there is a storyline revealed that has been all but ignored, forgotten or “disappeared” in all the popular J6 coverage.

Before we ever heard the name Ray Epps — or got confirmation of the FBI’s involvement in rigging the 2020 elections, and spreading disinformation about Hunter Biden’s laptop in order to protect the Biden Crime Family, and ordering Twitter to deplatform thousands of accounts of users who had opinions they didn’t like —

Before all of that, there was paid provocateur John Sullivan aka Jayden X and the role he played in the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This involves CNN and NBC who paid Sullivan $35,000 each for footage he shot inside the Capitol building during the so called “Insurrection.”

Were the Capitol Police involved in creating this event?

We look at videos showing the Capitol police opening the gates and waving people into the Capitol.. this alone should result in the vacating of all charges against any J6ers who walked in under these circumstances.

And there’s video we look at in this episode of weapons being handed out to protestors by what looks like Capitol Police, raising a lot of questions there.

We even see John Sullivan out on the balcony yelling for people to climb the walls and come in. There are Capitol Police with Sullivan while he is doing this and nobody stops him.

This episode Ep. 006 was first live-streamed on 6/9/2021.

You can watch the video of Ep. 006 on my blog at https://evantalks.com/ep-006-insurrection-what-really-happened-on-j6-at-the-capitol/

Tap the above image to visit my blog and watch the video of Ep. 006 “Insurrection? What REALLY HAPPENED at the Capitol on J6”

There’s a detailed timestamp directory to this episode on the blog at the above link.

There are still a lot of questions that We The People deserve answers to when it comes to J6.

There are still J6ers rotting in the DC gulag as political prisoners.

This is an embarrassing and truly horrifying chapter in American history.

What’s clear is that when you look at all this coverage, and you add in what we have since learned, about the FBI, and about Ray Epps, we know J6 was a false flag event.

The J6 Committee aka “The Unselect Committee” was a sham from the get-go. And now they have sealed 14,000 hours of video camera footage and thousands of documents for the next 50 years, which begs the question, what are they hiding?

It’s clear what they’re hiding: They stole the election in 2020, overthrew the duly elected President and government of the United States of America (which is treason) and they used J6 as the false flag event to cover up their treasonous crimes from the American People.

They have criminalized freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and our 1st Amendment right to question authority and petition the government with a redress of grievances.

They used the fake news media to pay provocateurs like John Sullivan — who admits on the video in this episode that he often dresses up as a Trump supporter as well as carries a camera to pass himself off as a Trump voter and a journalist so he can punk people and get access to film his exploits.

And the Capitol Police themselves participated in the treason and theft of our democracy, literally in one case executing at point blank range a peaceful non violent unarmed military veteran and patriot Ashli Babbitt, to serve political ends.

And while Ashli Babbitt’s murderer remains free, Ashli’s mother was arrested today on the 2nd anniversary of her daughter’s murder, for apparently jaywalking in DC. You can’t make this stuff up.

These people are sick.

Scheduling Announcement:

Stay tuned Monday 1/9 for the latest new episode Ep. 253 which was live-streamed this week on Wednesday. I changed up the posting schedule this week due to the J6 anniversary today. Will post Ep. 253 on Monday.


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