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Why Was Tucker Carlson Fired by Fox News? [Video]

Video emerges of Tucker's final speech where he exposes the Satanic pedophile establishment and calls for prayer.

Yesterday morning shockwaves were felt around the world as news broke of the abrupt departure from Fox News of top rated cable show host Tucker Carlson.

Today pundits all over television and the Internet are talking about why they think Tucker was fired by Fox News.

Here’s a sample of what people are saying:

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  1. Alex Jones was right (again!)

Keeping with the now famous tagline, “Infowars: Tomorrow’s News Today” clips are going viral of Alex Jones’s March 8, 2023 prediction just over a month ago that Tucker Carlson would not be on Fox News for much longer.

In this clip, Alex Jones was talking about the explosive J6 coverage Tucker had done exposing Ray Epps — widely suspected to be an FBI agent, informant and/or federal provacateur who admittedly orchestrated the “fedsurrection” on January 6, 2021 at the Capitol Building with the help of Nancy Pelosi and the corrupt, murderous Capitol Police — and Jones referenced the video that Tucker had promised to air but did not.

“[Tucker] was set to deliver the goods last night on federal agents, provacateurs in the crowd… the specifics, the video. That’s why the Deep State made major threats to Fox. Massive pressure was placed,” Jones said, “and from the intel I’ve got there’s a whole internal fight about what is going to come out, and what was supposed to come out last night, and tonight and tomorrow got postponed.”

Tucker said, “They want to stop this coming out, but I assure you it will come out.” Alex Jones said he believes Tucker, and that Tucker is “hardcore” and “awake.” Jones went on to say that Tucker gives him credit for helping wake Tucker up, and that the left can’t stand him because Tucker is now on fire and nothing can stop Tucker.

And so in this iconic broadcast from March 8, 2023, Alex Jones said, “I predict he won’t be at Fox News in the near future if he’s unable to put this out.”

Once again, history has proved that Alex Jones was right.

Now what are others saying?

  1. LA Times: Fox News’s Decision to fire Tucker Carlson ‘came straight from Rupert Murdoch’

  2. Steve Bannon: Fox News fired Carlson to keep top populist voice ‘off of primetime’ and to kneecap Trump

Bannon says that Fox paid Tucker Carlson’s contract out in full so that they could muzzle him for the next couple of years and prevent him from setting up on a new platform before the 2024 elections.

While I can’t confirm if this is accurate, here’s what Bannon says:

“And, here’s what the Tucker drill is going to be. He’s got a long-term contract. The Wall Street Journal said yesterday that he was negotiating an extension to 2029. Right? And I think he still has got a couple of years, two or three years left on the contract. Just like Lou Dobbs and the other guys. They pay him out under the terms because they don’t want to set up their competitors. They pay him out the $20 million. He doesn’t have the option of going somewhere else,” Bannon said on his “War Room” broadcast on Tuesday.

President Trump’s former senior advisor Steve Bannon went on to draw comparisons between Tucker’s firing and previous show hosts who were forced into long terms of silence by paying off their contract in full and firing them years before the term expired. He mentioned Lou Dobbs and Megyn Kelly among others, and said, “it’s only when your contract expires can you then start your podcast.”

We do not yet know if this is the case with Tucker, or if Tucker chose to walk away and forego his balloon payment in order to retain his right to setup on a new platform.

Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, back in the halls of Congress…

  1. AOC: Sandy Cortez Celebrates Tucker Carlson’s Exit from Fox, proclaiming “Deplatforming works!”

Others point to Carlson’s relentless exposure of Klaus Schwab as reason for Fox News giving Tucker the boot.

Tucker Carlson has been railing on the World Economic Forum and their leader Klaus Schwab exposing their nefarious plans to collapse society and implement the Great Reset, the Green New Deal and the New World Order of totalitarian controls.

In his latest episode of Tucker Carlson Originals, Carlson exposes the plans to force people to eat bugs and adopt bugs as part of our regular diet.

Tucker’s promotion of his “Eat Ze Bugs!” documentary was non stop and relentless.

“You must eat ze bugs!” Tucker kept telling us, with the word “ze” of course mocking the Nazi accent of Klaus Schwab, who famously serves filet mignon at WEForum dinners while they discuss forcing the rest of the world’s population to “eat ze bugs.”

But perhaps the real reason Tucker was fired is the speech he gave on Friday at Heritage Foundation after his April 21st broadcast, which turned out to be his final show that aired on Fox News.

Scroll to the top of this article to watch the video of Tucker’s speech at Heritage.

Here is an excerpt from the speech, in which Tucker explains how to understand what the people wrecking our country are doing and why they are doing it:

“None of this makes sense in conventional political terms,” Carlson said. “When people… decide that the goal is to destroy things, destruction for its own sake, ‘hey let’s tear it down!’, what you’re watching is not a political movement. It’s evil.”

Watch the main excerpts from Tucker Carlson’s speech above, scroll to the top of this article to watch the video.

It is well worth your time.

[tldr: Tucker describes the symptoms of good and the symptoms of evil. He calls out evil as such. And recommends prayer for the future]

Could this be why Tucker Carlson had to be taken off the airwaves?

What do you think?

Share your thoughts in the comments, and please Like and Share this article with friends and family.

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