Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening [Movie]

The Big Picture of What's Happening in America and Beyond - movie by Mikki Willis

When I saw first Plandemic Movie directed by Mikki Willis— the documentary featuring Dr Judy Mikovitz who exposed Anthony Fauci as a sociopathic mass murderer funded by tax dollars— the guy who tortures innocent puppies by the thousands in sadistic procedures that serve no legitimate purpose for medicine or health, but instead merely spend the money so he can get more money to do more of the same— the same guy who pushed deadly protocols during the AIDS epidemic that killed so many people and then covered up the deaths and blamed it on “the virus” and who was doing the same thing again only with a different “virus” — MSM cancel culture bots and NPCs were unleashed like a torrent on the Internet to tell everyone, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” (or “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes”).

In other words, “Don’t listen to Judy Mikovitz, she’s a criminal (they had arrested her on trumped up charges years before when she first tried to expose the AIDS scam). The (fake) pandemic is NOT a plan to subdue the world, trample on fundamental freedoms, cause mass panic and hysteria, destroy the middle class, crush businesses and funnel wealth and power to the top 0.1%. It’s NOT a plan to push people over the edge of sanity, first isolating themselves, covering their faces for no reason at all that made any sense from a scientific perspective, afraid to touch or even see their loved ones, putting all their hopes and misplaced trust into the sociopathic midget and then running-not-walking to line up and get a life-altering, potentially deadly experimental injection which the media and government told us relentlessly was “safe and effective” and would “save lives.” (Did I miss anything?)

Nope! they said, that’s not happening…

In fact, they said, anyone who tells you it is happening is a pariah who must be ostracized, delegitimized, and marginalized, and their entire life’s work must be trivialized, so that anything they say is discounted, even laughed off as the rantings of a lunatic.

A talking points memo was put out by mainstream media via a Forbes article, “Why it’s important to push back on the Plandemic movie… and How to Do It” — a rambling piece of psychobabble so easily recognizable as propaganda to anyone who ever read any books by George Orwell, or who had any even basic knowledge of the tactics of Joseph Goebbels the infamous Nazi propagandist— that I won’t quote here from the article, and I even hesitated to link to it because it’s such a disgusting example of the rot of journalistic integrity.

But the propaganda was effective in herding sheep minded people to become shock troops of the new Covid Nazis, deploying the talking points all over social media so that anyone who shared the Plandemic movie or talked about it in a post was met with a flood of others pulling quotes from the Forbes talking points memo and “pre-bunking” Judy Mikovitz, the movie itself, and the director Mikki Willis.

The most fascinating part of this to me was the response of the Santa Monica Yoga Community from whence I came.

Mikki Willis and I were cut from the same cloth; both of us former Bernie Sanders voters who were liberal and voted democrat for most of our lives.

In Mikki’s case he was far deeper in than I was because he actually worked on Bernie’s campaign.

When I saw the Plandemic movie (just before the aforementioned Forbes piece of vomitous propaganda by “former contributor” Tara Haelle), I was certain Mikki Willis would be hailed by the Yoga community of health and wellness advocates and healthy lifestyle gurus for his incredible quality of work and the importance of the message.

The movie came out EARLY in the days where had people heeded the warnings, millions of lives could have been saved. Not to mention, all the people dying suddenly today would still be alive.

But what happened was horrifying even on some levels more than the virus scare itself.

The Santa Monica Yoga Community went batshit insane and blasted Mikki Willis for his “irresponsible" act of putting out this documentary, which the Forbes propaganda made very clear “looks like a documentary, but it isn’t.”

I started seeing posts on social media that were pulling pages and links directly from the Forbes talking points memo: some posts prebunked Dr Mikovitz with spoon fed propaganda like, “Is she really an expert?” while others linked to hit pieces (there was a list in the Forbes dribble called “Where can I get a good debunking of it all?”)

Very few “yogi’s” were thinking for themselves. Most were repeating the talking points from the propaganda fed to them by their new thought commanders at Forbes.

Some contacted me privately, expressing that they felt unable to speak freely anymore.

I lost whatever crumbs of respect I had left for the Santa Monica Yoga Community. Especially most of the "revered teachers” people held up as icons and leaders.

(There was only one teacher I knew who expressed any “wrong-think” and he was quickly rebuked by the others to get in line and stay in his lane. I felt sad for him).

Most were frauds. Their brains didn’t work. They had become, or always were NPCs.

As Mikki Willis reveals in part 3 of the Plandemic Series (watch the movie above), they were all hypnotized.

“I asked myself the two questions that woke me up”

Mikki Willis says about his own awakening, which happened while he was working on the Bernie Sanders campaign, “I asked myself the two questions that woke me up: Are they hypnotized? Am I hypnotized?”

This is the 3rd installment of Mikki’s powerful documentary series— and yes, you embarrassments at Forbes and your “former contributor” joke of a writer, it is a documentary— and I encourage you to watch it and share it.

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The world is awakening.

Thank you, Mikki Willis.